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Retreat You founder, Marisa Sinopoli, is a passionate massage therapist with over 16 years experience.

Her unique massage style, particularly pregnancy massage, combines many different techniques, allowing her to treat the specific needs of  her clients.  Marisa's aim is to care for your wellbeing, believing that your body can heal itself by

de-stressing, detoxifying, re-balancing and letting go of what no longer serves you.

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Pregnancy Massage Therapy
Relaxation Massage
Lomi Lomi Massage Mornington

Pregnancy Massage


A Beautiful relaxing, de-stressing and tension relieving massage specifically designed for Mums to be, also creating a nurturing Mother-baby connection. 

Relaxation & Swedish Massage


Relaxation Massage is a gentle Massage to help relax your mind, body & Soul.

Swedish Massage is designed to focus on the deeper layers of Muscle Tissue. Relieving tight/strained muscles, tension  & stress in the body.

Traditional Lomi Lomi Massage


A beautiful energy healing & nurturing 'Loving Hands' Massage.

Assisting the body in releasing stuck energy & allowing the body to just surrender to the healing it needs.

reiki Healing Mornington

 Reiki Healing


Balancing out your body's energy systems (Chakras) A Reiki Healing will leave you feeling de-stressed & in harmony with your body.

Post Natal Doula Mornington

Post Natal Doula



You planned your childbirth but do have you the support you & your baby need in your fourth Trimester?  Post natal Doula care is Essential to the health, wellbeing & happiness of Newborn Mums & Babies.

Post Natal Massage

Post Natal Massage


A Womens body during Pregnancy & after Child birth goes through many changes. A Post Natal Massage will help relieve any pain, tenderness, stress and support the new Mum's body.







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Improves Circulation
Reduces Anxiety
Increases Self Awareness
Increases Energy


We love to see our clients feeling relaxed, re-energised, relieved and reconnected
after a treatment.  Here's what some of them have to say....


"The perfect balance if relaxation & relief with pressure. From the first of my many treatments with Marisa from 1st trimester to Full term  has been bliss. Can't recommend highly enough"

- September 5th, 2019


"After my massage at Retreat You I felt completely de stressed my body was so much more relaxed and found it much easier to fall asleep.The swelling in my feet was much better. The sleep I had after the massage was incredible. I slept 10 hours for the first time in months as I have only been able to sleep 5-6 hours per night."

- Jan 31, 2016


"Not only is Marisa the best Pregnancy Massage therpist i have ever come across after looking for ages during my Pregnancy, she is also genuinely very caring & makes you feel so comfortable! I will definetly be going back when bub #2 comes along my Motherhood path."

- March 23, 2019


"Thank you so much for giving me one of the most relaxing massages I have experienced. The essential oils you used were amazing!  I was left feeling totally relaxed, de-stressed & very happy with the whole experience.  Thank you again Marisa, I feel amazing"

- April 25, 2017


June 6, 2019

A Post Natal Doula supports a newborn Mum in the way she is needing to be supported (without judgement) 

Often all the focus is on the birth & the Baby. For the first few weeks you will have MCHN visits, but they will not help you get back on your feet or offer yo...

September 21, 2017

Congratulations, New Mummy you have just had your beautiful baby & your world has changed forever....So has your body!

Whether it be a  natural virginal birth, an induced birth, a cesarean or an emergency cesarean a post pregnant body has a lot of recovering to do.


February 14, 2017

Safe & Effective

Massage For Each Trimester of Pregnancy

(Retreat You Mornington)

Being Pregnant is such an amazing & exciting time but it can also be uncomfortable & stressful on your body. With all of the changes going on both physically, Mentally & not to mention the...

September 30, 2016

It was Saturday 11th august, the time had come for my little boy to vacate my body {be induced} with some assistance!! At that point I was 10 days overdue, I had tried a few things to bring on labour {which had failed!!}  I was well & truly over my pregnancy! I just wa...

March 1, 2016

Hot Stone Massage 'At Retreat You Mount Eliza' 
A Muscle Melting Experience.........

Hot stone Massage is one of the most therapeutic and relaxing massages you will ever have.
The Heat of the Stones has so many benefits and it will leave you feeling like your muscle t...

December 16, 2015

Why do I run my own business?

I could probably sum it up in 3 sentences:
Living & Breathing My Passion,
Working for Me, My family & My Clients
Running things the way I want to!!
Here’s the rest of My Journey……
Over the past 12 years that I have been Massaging (pa...

October 21, 2015

What is a Lomi Lomi Massage?

Lomi Lomi Simply means Massage, it is a unique healing massage derived from Ancient Polynesians & Master healers of Hawaii. being a Lomi Lomi Massage therapist you need to have an understanding of the Hawaiian Philosophy called  'Huna'. An...

September 25, 2015

FAQ's at Retreat You!

I know how you feel when pick up the phone and make contact with a new therapist, practitioner or hairdresser etc...The whole time that you are talking to them your thinking.. What are they like?
Am I going to get what I want form this treatment...

September 10, 2015


Shared publicly  -  Sep 3, 2015




Yay!! finally I'm taking the plunge I'm going to start Blogging... So let me start by telling you a little about me.. I'm a mother of two beautiful yet cheeky children and a lucky wife of one amazing and supportive husband....

August 7, 2015

An unfortunate case for a lot of expecting mothers, low back pain in pregnancy is experienced in the area just below the bottom of the rib cage and above the two dimples of the low back that indicate the sacroiliac pelvic joints. Consisting of 5 vertebrae at the base o...

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