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Hot Stone Massage 'A Muscle Melting Experience' @ Retreat You Mornington....

Hot Stone Massage 'At Retreat You Mount Eliza' A Muscle Melting Experience.........

Hot stone Massage is one of the most therapeutic and relaxing massages you will ever have. The Heat of the Stones has so many benefits and it will leave you feeling like your muscle tension has simply melted away! During the Massage the Hot Stones will either be 'placed' on your body (usually on top of a towel) or used to 'Massage' your body. Cold Stones can also be used to enhance the experience; helping to re- balance the body and assist the recipient from over heating. What to expect during a Hot Stone Massage: At Retreat You a Hot Stone Massage begins with you being draped (with towels) & lying face down on the massage table. The 'placement' of the stones then begins with your legs & continues to the Chakra points on your back. You are then asked to take a few deep breaths in and out.... The hot stones on your back are then removed and the massage process begins. A combination of Massage strokes & Hot stones are used to massage your entire back. Using various techniques to get deep into the muscles & tissue around your shoulder blades, trapezius muscles, neck, back of arms and lower back. Leaving your back feeling completely relaxed and tension free. The Hot Stones are then 'Placed' on the Chaka points on your back & you are re-draped. (covered with a towel) Massage strokes are then used to warm up your leg muscles to find out where you hold tension & what areas I need to concentrate on. The Hot Stones are then used to massage, starting with your calves & continuing on to your thighs/hamstrings including Gluteal muscle Massage (assisting with sciatica pain) Using various techniques & strokes with the hot stones to get the blood flowing around your muscles again & release stress/tension in your muscles. Once this process is completed the Hot Stones are then 'Placed' back on the legs, and client is re-draped.(covered with a towel) While you enjoy the heat of these beautiful stones working their magic you will experience a beautiful head massage. Once the head massage is complete its time to roll over and let the process begin again on the front of the body. Using a sequence of stone 'placement' , massage strokes and hot stone massage the entire front of your body will be massaged. Completing the Massage with a Shiatsu head massage & ear acupressure point massage to leave you feeling completely relaxed, rejuvenated & rebalanced. What type of Stones Are used? Using the best quality stones available 'Hahana' Natural basalt Stones that have been carved and designed for use in different areas of the body for both placement and massage. These stones heat through thoroughly and are great at retaining constant heat throughout the massage. What Benefits can you expect from a Hot Stone Massage? Easing of muscle tension, strain & stress Invigorating & therapeutic to the entire body Tones & tightens muscles & tissue Relaxing and rejuvenating & distressing Leaves you feeling grounded, rebalanced & revitalized.


Is a Hot Stone Massage for anyone?

It is safe for most people, just as long as you don't have any of these Contraindications:

Lupus, Multiple Sclerosis, after acute joint surgery (wait at least a week) during menstrual cycle, during pregnancy, Hemophilliacs and anyone predisposed to bleeds. How much does it cost & how long is the treatment? Hot Stone Massage at Retreat You is a 75min Treatment & is priced at $85. Thanks for Reading & letting me share my Hot Stone Massage with you x Marisa To try one of these muscle melting experiences call or email Marisa 0401 676 347

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