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What Is A Post Natal Doula? New Service @ Retreat You Mornington

A Post Natal Doula supports a newborn Mum in the way she is needing to be supported (without judgement)

Often all the focus is on the birth & the Baby. For the first few weeks you will have MCHN visits, but they will not help you get back on your feet or offer you practical help/support at home when you need it the most.

This is where a Postnatal Doula can be very helpful for you!

We start as early as right at birth or later towards 6 weeks after birth...

Post Natal Doula's will offer support in the following ways:

  • Massage/reiki/foot bath, breast massage (keep the milk flowing & avoid getting engorged breasts/ mastitis)

  • Offer Suggestions with the baby (sleep/settle/feeding etc.)

  • Support the Mother in their choices for their baby

  • Help the Mother with the baby when required: hold, bath, change, settle & baby massage.

  • Allow rest time for Mum while her body is recovering & beyond

  • Run errands, shopping & prepare meals

  • Offer daytime in home support (available to talk at other times)

  • Support with siblings (play with them or take them to park)

  • Whatever is required by the Mother with regards to supporting her recovery & bonding with baby.

  • Closing of the Bones Ceremony (to help New Mums body heal)

  • Support the partner if required (birth debrief, his new role)

  • De-brief of the birth with Mum & Dad

  • Support breast/bottle feeding

  • Make sure the mum drinks, eats, rests & does something small for herself regularly

  • Help the Mum/partner feel more confident in handling baby (getting in & out of car also)

  • Support both parents if separate from bubs/stillborn

A Newborn Mother need to be Mothered as much as a newborn needs to be Mothered!

If you'd like more information on our Post Natal Doula Service, please contact:

Marisa 0401676347

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