Pregnancy Massage



A Beautiful relaxing, de-stressing and tension relieving massage specifically designed for Mums to be, also creating a nurturing Mother-baby connection. Pregnancy creates so many changes in the body both physically & emotionally, these changes can be stressful and uncomfortable on the Mothers body. The increased load on the body puts extra stress on the joints, muscles, ligaments and even some organs.

Benefits of Pregnancy Massage: 

Keep blood pressure in check, Stabilizes Hormones, tones loose Muscles, relaxes nervous tension, increases flexibility, relieves lower back, Shoulder, neck, hip and gluteal pain (inc. sciatica), eases joint pain, reduction in excess fluid (Oedema) in arms/legs/feet, rib cage muscle release, leg cramping, eases shortness of breathe, improves sleep and simply helps you feel better!

Enhance your pregnancy massage experience with some lovely essential oils that are safe for Mum and baby. 

Know the difference of a Qualified Pregnancy Massage Therapist who can Massage your tension & painful areas using Massage & Shiatsu techniques. All Pregnancy Massages include gentle stretches & strengthening exercise you can do at home. 


Your body and your baby will thank you for it.





$90 (60Mins)

$105 (75mins)

$120 (90Mins)


Pregnancy Nurturing Mum To Be Package:

3 x 60mins Pregnancy Massages

1 x 75mins Post Natal Massage

$340 (save $35)



Pregnancy Lomi Lomi

Beautiful nurturing, energy healing Massage helps you fully connect with your Baby & Body. Pregnancy Lomi Lomi will help you release all the stress & tension build up in your body that needs to be released. Clearing your mind & body of stress can help you prepare for Labour.



$90 (60mins)

$105 (75mins)

$120 (90mins)

*Induction Massage also available, using acupressure points. please contact Marisa for more info.










Retreat you offers a Beautiful selection of Gift Baskets for NewBorn Mums & Mums To Be.

Please Contact Marisa 0401 676 347

for More info.

















Post Natal Massage


A Women's body after Child Birth & Pregnancy goes through many changes to get back to its Post Natal state. 

A Post Natal Massage will help relieve any pain/tenderness & stress in the body due to labour, pregnancy whilst supporting

 Post-Partum Recovery. Whether you have had a Natural, Assisted, or Caesarean birth your body will be supported appropriately during this massage.

Using various techniques that will assist your body in its healing & repair process.  

Newborn babies are welcome in the treatment room!

It is recomended that if you are breastfeeding, you feed bubs

prior to your treatment so that you can feel most comfoartable during your massage. Post Natal Massage available from 5 days after a natural birth & 2 weeks after a caesarean birth.


$90 (60mins)

$105 (75mins)

$120 (90mins)


New Service For New Mums "Closing of the Bones Ceremony"

Closing of the Bones ceremony is a beautiful way to honour & nurture a newborn mother.  making space for the enormous shift in her physical, mental and emotional state. The Closing of the Bones ceremony acknowledges the immense changes a woman has undergone in pregnancy and childbirth and assists in bringing her energy back into her own body.

Physically, it guides her bones back into place, helps her pelvic organs shift and stimulates blood flow.

Women who are honored in this way experience a sense of calm and grounding, re-establishing her sense of self.

The Ritual:

Using a Traditional rebozo, the hips of the woman (that have widened/opened to accommodate the growing baby and birth) are gently rocked and guided back into place. The gentle rocking movement has a soothing effect on the entire physical & mental state.
The next part of ceremony a woman’s body is tightly wrapped using five rebozos on different parts of her body—feet, knees, hips, shoulders & head. The woman is then left to rest as we hold this sacred space for her. 
Energy work is done to bring her back to center, balance her energy and relax her.



'During this ritual we are honoring the work a Mum's hips had to go through to bring a new life into the world'



$75 (45mins)

Including a  footbath 

$100 (60mins)

Including 60mins  Post Natal Massage

$175 (1hr45mins)

Please note you must 4 weeks Post Birth & beyond to receive closing of the bones ceremony

Contact Marisa for more information or book online today!

04041 676 347

Pregnancy Massage | Lomi Lomi

Lomi Lomi (Hawaiian)


A Beautiful Traditional Hawaiian Massage that helps to release energy blockages stuck in your body whilst re- balancing your body at the same time!

Lomi Lomi massage is given in a fluid, rhythmic motion working with the body's natural flow. Different parts of the body may be massaged at the same time, with full body & under body strokes being used to bring the body back into balance & instill a deep sense of peace, harmony & well-being within the recipient.


This massage is performed with the forearms and hands & feels like gentle waves sweeping over the body from one end to the other. A beautiful nurturing , energy healing massage that will make you feel absolutely amazing and relaxed in a way you have never felt before!


Lomi Lomi (also known as "loving hands Massage") is a very intuitive Massage; meaning that the therapist will be guided to the areas of your body that need extra attention & stress relief by intuition.

no Lomi Lomi is ever the same!



$90 (60 mins))

$105 (75mins)

$120 (90 mins)

Pregnancy Lomi Lomi Also Available!

This Beautiful, nurturing, energy healing & Loving hands Massage helps you fully connect with your Baby & Body.

Pregnancy Lomi Lomi will help you release all the stress &

tension build up in your body. A Beautiful way to help you be labour ready!




$90 (60mins)

$105 (75mins)

$120 (90mins)

post natal doula Mornington
Relaxation Massage

Relaxation & Swedish Deep Tissue Massage

Relaxation Massage

A gentle massage to help relax your mind, body & soul .

Great for relieving stress, headaches, muscle aches/tension, detoxifying and getting the blood flowing around the muscles again. 


Swedish Deep Tissue Massage

A firmer massage designed to

focus on the deeper layers of Muscle Tissue which helps relieve tight, strained & overworked muscles, tension, tiredness and stress in your body. Pressure can very depending on clients requirements.




$90 (60mins)

$105 (75mins)

$120 (90mins)

 Reiki Healing
Reiki is an amazing healing and relaxation treatment for anyone who needs to simply just be! Reiki Releases Blocks & supressed Feelings, balances the Energies in the body (chakras) Promotes natural self healing, Enhances personal awareness & helps meditative states. Reiki Relaxes your whole body, reduces stress, Strengthens the immune system & relieves pain.
$85 (60mins)
$45 (30mins)

*Can Be added on to any Massage*

Mobile Massage Also Available


Retreat You's Massages are available to you in the comfort of your own home, anywhere on the beautiful Mornington Peninsula.

Ideal for weekends away, Mum's to be & Newborn Mums!




Travel costs apply depending on travel distance.

Mount Eliza, Mornington, Moorooduc, Frankston and Mount Martha $50 Plus the cost of massage required.













Post Natal Doula 

A Post Natal Doula supports a Newborn Mum in the way she needing to be supported & without judgement. 

Often all the focus is on the birth & the Baby.

For the first few weeks you will have MCHN visits, but they will not help you get back on your feet or offer you practical help/support at home when you need it the most.

This is where a Postnatal Doula can be very helpful for you!

We are well informed, experienced, respectful & compassionate with new families & their needs.

We guide parents to trust their instincts & learn skills to enable them to become the experts on their new Baby.


We have a passion and belief in ‘Mothering the Mother’ whilst she is recovering from pregnancy and childbirth.

When a mother is being mothered by a Post Natal Doula, she is likely to remain calmer;

Oxytocin levels (the feel good hormone) are elevated and she is able to cope better with the demands and transition into becoming a mum.

 Post Natal Doula offers Support in the following ways:

  •  Mini massages, reiki and foot baths

  • Teach  New Mum Self-breast massage which helps to keep the milk flowing and assists in avoiding engorged breasts and mastitis        

  • Offer suggestions with the baby to help with their sleep, settling, feeding etc.

  • Support the mother in their choices for their baby

  • Help the mother with the baby when required e.g. holding, bathing, changing, settling and baby massage

  • Allow rest time for mum while her body is recovering, especially as she may not be getting much sleep at night

  • Run errands, help with the shopping and prepare nourishing meals (nutritious meals are vital to support the body’s recovery and help with milk production)

  • Support for the siblings i.e. play with them, help with homework or take them to the park

  • Whatever is required by the mother with regards to supporting her recovery and bonding with her baby

  • Support for the partner if required, which may include a birth debrief and what their new role involves

  • Debrief of the birth with mum (this is often not done and can lead to ongoing mental health issues for the mother if overlooked, as some mums have quite a traumatic birth experience, hence it is very important)

  • Support with breast/bottle feeding

  • Making sure the mum drinks, eats, rests and does something small for herself regularly e.g. takes a bath, goes for a walk or even something as simple as painting her toenails.


Visits can vary for each family, often we start with 2 visits a week for the first 4-6 weeks (2-3hrs per visit)

Hours available 9:30am-3pm & 4:30pm-9pm

(phone contact also available after hours)


$300   2 x 3 hrs Visit

$540  4 x 3 hrs Visit

$1080  8 x  3 hrs Visit


 We meet with families a few weeks before your baby is born or soon after your baby is born to see if our service is the right fit for you & your family.

If you'd like more information on our Post Natal Doula service, please contact:

Marisa 0401 676 347

Marisa is registered with the doula network Australia & completed her Post Natal Doula certificate with Dial a Doula. She also holds a working with children check.

Post natal Doula Mornington
Post Natal Doula Mornington
womblight 23.png

New At Retreat You

'Womblight Healing'

What is Womblight healing?

Womblight is a compilation of multiple modalities all focused on Mother’s journey. Elements include:

•Support for Fertility




Womblight has a foundation of Reiki & connection to life force energy but expands beyond into breathe work, subconscious language, intuitive guidance, tapping & meditation.


Who is it for?

Women who are feeling anxious, stressed, unsupported & want to feel more supported, confident & at ease throughout their fertility/conception, Pregnancy, birth & Post Partum journey.

In Conception/fertility Womblight supports & cleanses the womb space,  releases blockages, relieves stress, enhances treatments, cultivates abundance, assist hormonal balance, &increases sexual energies.

 In Pregnancy Womblight  supports & cleanses your womb space, strengthens your connection with your baby, Taps into your inner strength, increases energy, promotes restful sleep, emotional wellness, reduces pregnancy related symptoms, self appreciation, pain free & manifestation for birth.

In Labour & Birth Womblight supports & cleanses your womb space, assists pain management, assists your connection to intuition, taps into inner strength. increases faith & trust in self, promotes mindfulness & presence, calming & peacefulness, confidence & empowerment, enhances breathe work.

In Postpartum Womblight supports & cleanses your womb space, assists in recovery, enhances grace, mental wellness, milk supply abundance, adaptability, restful sleep, hormonal balance, reduces anxieties & assists with healing from birth trauma


$75 (60mins)

$90 (75mins)

If you would like to more about this nurturing treatment please contact:

Marisa 0401 676 347