FAQ At Retreat You Mornington

FAQ's at Retreat You! I know how you feel when pick up the phone and make contact with a new therapist, practitioner or hairdresser etc...The whole time that you are talking to them your thinking.. What are they like? Am I going to get what I want form this treatment/service? Are they going to be the right fit for me and are they able to make a connection with me? I hear you, I feel exactly the same when I'm trying out a new service/practitioner and I actually get quite nervous about it! I also believe you come in contact with a service or practitioner for some reason and most of the time it was meant to be or you learn something from it!! At Retreat You, I can take some of that guess work out for you, here's a list I've compiled of frequently asked questions at Retreat You: How long does the massage actually go for? Your treatment time starts from the time you are on the table at Retreat You, as long as on time! If you are running quite late I may have to cut your treatment time a little as most of the time I have clients booked in straight after your appointment. I love massage but I just don't feel comfortable with my body? I see all bodies as muscle and bone, whether you are big or small it makes no difference to me I will still give you the best treatment I possibly can give you and tailor the massage to your needs & comfort. I don't like going to dayspas as I usually don't get massage I want? It's very important for me to ask the correct series of questions when I'm consulting with you at the start of the appointment, I will then have a clearer picture of the massage/treatment you require. I will also confirm with you whilst Im massaging to see if the pressure is correct and whether you want more attention in the tight/strained areas. I use many different techniques from my toolbox, which makes my massages very unique and special for each clients needs. I'm not sure what treatment I want they all sound great? I will then say...... Tell me how are you feeling at the moment? have you been sick? Are you stressed? Are your muscles sore or tight? Have you had any injuries? What would you most like to achieve from your treatment? From these series of questions I can come up with the appropriate massage/treatment for the client on that particular day!! Do you offer health fund rebates? No I'm not a remedial massage therapist so I cant offer health fund rebates but my prices are reflective of that. In other words, my massages are priced lower so if you had claimed your health fund rebate you would only be paying the gap amount to me for the whole service! Do you use a belly pillow for pregnancy massage? Yes I can use a belly pillow but I don't really recommend it as you can't be lying on your belly for any longer than 20mins as its not safe for you or baby. Also I won't be able to release tightness, pain or pressure in the areas you most need it while you are lying on your belly. When you are in the side lying position (as I've been trained in) I will be able to to treat any shoulder, neck, hips, gluteus, sciatica and lower back pain/tenderness and get much better results and pain relief for you. Where are you located? I have a treatment room set up at home in Mt.Eliza with a lovely view of the Moorooduc plains. How far ahead do I need to book? If you want a particular day/time it's best to book a week or two in advance. How often do I need to have a massage? Depending on how you are feeling (stress/tension wise etc) most times I recommend once a month. Sometimes clients know what they need to feel good in that case it will be 2-3 weeks between treatments. Are you a Remedial/therapeutic Massage therapist? No, my qualifications are Swedish (deep tissue) which means if you have a particular injury I would refer you to a therapist that is qualified to treat your injury correctly. If you have sore muscles/ligaments and tension I would definitely be able to treat you and give you some relief. I hope I have covered some of the questions you have about retreat you! I look forward to treating you soon x Marisa