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Why do I run my own business? I could probably sum it up in 3 sentences: Living & Breathing My Passion, Working for Me, My family & My Clients Running things the way I want to!! Here’s the rest of My Journey…… Over the past 12 years that I have been Massaging (part time) I have been working with a few different companies as well as running my own business which doesn’t really work together very well. First of all I noticed that I can’t be my best and give the best to my clients by trying to spread myself so thin and between 2-3 different jobs! It all went okay for sometime (well previous kids when you are invincible!!) but I knew eventually in my heart of hearts something had to give! Over this time I have worked for Endota day spa, The New Me, Moods Massage (funny name yeah I know!!) Melbourne Peninsula Mobile Massage and Preggi Central (pregnancy massage) as much as I enjoyed all these jobs over the years & was grateful for the work I had I never felt any of them be the right fit for me. I knew something was missing and something wasn’t quite right ...but with me being me I didn’t want to quit straight away as I had to give things a chance! (that little voice in my head would tell me I was a quitter otherwise!!) Why you ask? Why was something not quite right? Massage is Massage right? No matter where you work right? ……WRONG!!! I disliked that I was never in control of what the enviroment I worked in, the energy present at the places I worked, the people whom I worked with and the hours I worked. Don’t get me wrong it was a great journey I enjoyed, I met some lovely people, made some friends but most important of all it was a part of self growth & career development that helped me shape the person/therapist I am today. Most of the time I was yearning for more and I often asked myself “what’s next”?? Or what can I do different? but that was all out of my control whilst working for most of those companies…One company in particular where they would pretty much expect you to be part of a cult and be beige!! By being beige you are meant to be the same as or blend in with the other therapists that worked there and the companies guidelines of how they wanted you to be!! Working like that for these companies also attributed to my lowered self-esteem & self-worth and to top it all off a painful shoulder injury and I knew it was time to make a change! By running my own business I am able to work the hours that suit me, im able to look after my clients the way I want to and be intuitive to what they need, I can run over with my treatment times (yes this happens as I get so involved in loving doing what I do!) the most awesome thing of all is I don’t have anyone telling me what to do or how to be as that’s one thing I don’t want! And I love that they are my clients and they come in to see me as a Professional Trained Massage Therapist. I now have learnt to embrace my uniqueness and you will see that in my business as I absolutely love being true to who I am both personally and professionally! That doesn’t mean everything I do is perfect or right for someone else but I know that I get to put message out there about my business's authentic trademark and how I am different & unique to other Massage Therapists. I connect differently with each of my clients & they get to see what I am all about! Its defiantly not about the money that has driven me to succeed in business that’s absolutely for sure!! It is being about me fulfilling my career destainy, it is about helping my clients get the best out of their treatments, looking after them and exploring the options they have to look after themselves. A huge thing for me as a person that I love to do & extremely passionate about is giving back to the community whenever I can for fundraisers/fairs in within the local community. One of my favorite parts of my job is that I love & get this excited feeling inside of me knowing when my clients walk in to retreat you looking one way (usually stressed which shows up in their face!) and leave looking completely different…like they are walking on clouds and have no worries in the world, just from relaxing & allowing themselves to receive a massage/healing treatment from me...This is my career satisfaction! As I am interested in you (my client) and I will send you a follow up message after your 1st treatment to see how you felt and check if I need to make any adjustments for your future treatments. For me this is how I like to roll! As you, each and everyone of my clients are special and important to me and defiantly not a number!! Last but not least I am not a follower, I don’t want to be a part of a cult, I am being true to who I am and I want that to be reflected through my business and with me running my own show it can be!!

Thanks for Reading x Marisa

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